Fleet Gallery

The 2022 Harris Pontoon features plenty of exciting and accessible features that keeps the fun on the waters going. Our Pontoon features an electric bimini, so with a push of a button you can cover your crew during the heat without having to tangle your way covering yourself. With our built-in cooler, you’ll have plenty of drinks or food to store for everyone.

Needing to change your outfit with plenty of privacy, our built in changing room keeps you covered. Need time to tan or lay back and enjoy the wind, the seat in the back reclines into a bed with space up to 2. Need to know where you’re at or how deep the water is? Our built-in navigation system keeps you on track, showing you where you’re at, how to get back and how deep the water is, allowing you to avoid hazards under water and preventing any beaching. The boat comes with plenty of usb charging ports, surround sound bluetooth system, plenty of storage under each seat and rgb lighting in plenty of places including on the bimini.

If you prefer a single seater adventure, then take on the 2023 90hp SeaDoo trixx, a fun experience to tame the waters. The SeaDoo trixx is a thrilling ride that keeps you at the edge with enough power to get you where you need and have a blast in the waters. It’s called the Trixx for a reason as you’re able to adjust the trim to allow you to do wheelies and hop across the waters. We highly advise taking it easy with these skis as they are extremely maneuverable.