Let us know which lake you are interested in and we’ll see if we can accommodate it. Prices may vary depending on distance.

The boat or jetski you rent will have a full tank of gas included as part of your rental and will certainly last you a full day. Additional gas if you’re running low is on you. Please look for a boat fueling station on the lake. Be cautious of your fuel usage and dont run it hard. The gas on the boat lasts a long time. Same for the jet ski.

Life jackets are supplied for both adults, children and small children. Life jackets are located under the seats of the boat.

A total of 8 people can fit comfortably. Please do not exceed 8 people due to weight limit for the boat?

The boat is equipped with all required safety equipment including flares, medical kit, fire extinguisher, life jackets, proper light indicators, horn, etc…

our boat has two anchors, one for the back, the other for the front. Please be careful and mindful of using the anchor so as to not rip or damage the boat while accessing it or using it.

Jet skis are rated for one person.

Yes. As stated by Florida law, anyone born after January 1, 1988 who wants to operate a boat (including personal watercraft) with 10 horsepower or greater will have to get a Boating Safety Education ID Card. In order to get one, you’ll have to pass an approved safety course. You can get a temporary boating license that can be completed through the following link. https://boattests101.com/united-states/florida/florida-rental?sscid=91k6_6ilkw